No Man's Sky

What is No Man's Sky?

No man's Sky is a open world sandbox game, which is taking place in space. You start as a stranded traveler, on one of billions of auto generated planets in the No Man's Sky universe. Throughout the game, you meet other travelers and you try to solve secrets.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is very simmular to the goal of Minecraft. Well yeah, No Man's Sky is basically space-Minecraft with more lore. So the goal of the game is to farm and collect resources to sell them. You can buy spaceships, frighters and more recources with that money. You make your way through the unlimited worlds of space.


No Man's Sky was developped my Hello Games. It released in 2016, where it first flopped really hard, because of many bugs. But untill 2021 Hello Games managed, to fix the game and a big communitly of No man's Sky players emerged.

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