About me

Hey, I'm kaf212. A passionate gamer, self proclaimed Meme lord, sci-fi enthusiast and amateur HTML developer. You probably don't know me, that's why this part of Hall of Games exists. I got into gaming when I was about 5 or 6 years old. The PS3 was the first console I played with. First, I only played the demos that were installed on my it. One of them was Burnout Paradise. It was by far my favourite demo on the PS and so my dad got me the full version. From this point, videogames were a part of my life. After a while, I started playing other games. The one I remember the most is Minecraft. I've played the mobile version of it since I was 7. But the real fun began when I got the PS3 edition for my birthday. I still remember the first time I played the legacy tutorial. After I got Minecraft I did'nt really play any other games. Minecraft was all I needed. It would take several years for me to actually seriously play other games as well. When we got a PS4, I started playing War Thunder and No Man's Sky. These games were a completely new experience to me. Especially War Thunder. When I got my gaming PC, I would continiue playing both of these games, but I'd also discover new ones. Battlefield V is one of my favourite among all the new games I played.